Where the Wild Things Are- The Sounds of Spring

Spring is slowly starting it's appearance, but the snow is deep and will take a while to disappear. So what can we look for now that will speak of spring? Blackbirds! The males should be showing up in our area shortly and their calls will be loud as they fight over the best nesting areas and establish territories. The females are a couple weeks behind them. 

The other sound to listen for would be the sandhill cranes. It is hard to believe that they will come here with snow on the ground, but they are already in southern Minnesota. Their loud calls will give them away before you see them stalking around the muddy fields. 

I have been hearing and seeing ravens. They will also be searching for territories to nest. I think they might have nested in the pines (or that area) by Susie's cabin. Pay attention to where you see them the most, and we might be able to close in on the nesting area! 

My favorite sound of spring is the sound of running water. Small trickles, slow drips. I equate it to the thawing of the world and the return of life. Just sitting on a convenient fairly dry rock, eyes closed, face to the sun. The sound of melting winter soft in my ears. Could there be a better spring tonic?