Where The Wild Things Are- The First Warblers Have Come

The snow has (mostly) melted. The temps seem to be warming everyday. Rain has brought a hint of green to the fields. I think it is safe to say...spring has come! The first flowers are blooming, if not in the village yet, at least close by. Pasque Flowers are crowning the hill by Midway gas. I have seen Marsh Marigolds, ready to burst, along side ditches a couple miles away, even though I haven't gotten near the marshes to check in the village yet. I did see a few dragonflies on the wing, migrants moving with the south winds. 

Hepatica and bloodroot will be the next to show, popping up out of nowhere. The first warblers have come, yellow rumped warblers, darting through the air for invisible bugs. I also saw tree swallows in constant motion as they hunt for food. Some where on the village land lives a Northern Saw Whet Owl. I have heard it calling in the darkness, but have yet to see it. The other sound filling the air is the frogs, calling from every pond. 

Even though there is hardly any foliage to be seen, I did find, deep in the woods, the leaves of the Shinleaf plant. It is in the Pyrola family and I have not seen it before. Now that I know where it was last year, I will be haunting that area in June to capture a photo of it in bloom! Another one for the records of Camphill.

I hope you get out there and just enjoy the beautiful weather. After a long winter it is so good to just be outside!