Where The Wild Things Are- Summer days, Light Breezes and Flowers

As I walked this morning, I was thinking many things. How spring was so late, and went by so fast. How June went by so fast, and when did these goldenrods get so big. Wondering whether or not I would find any species that were new to me this summer. Then I was interrupted by a buzzing. It brought me back to the here and now quite quickly!

I was walking through chest high sumacs. If you have never stopped to look, you probably have never noticed their blossoms. A cone of light yellow flowers, tightly packed. In the fall and winter the berries are dark red and show up in the winter landscapes. They are in full bloom right now. And full of bees! There were other pollinators crawling and flying around them also. The whole area buzzed and while I was surrounded by bees, none gave me a second glance. Summer is a busy time, gathering food, getting the next generation off to a good start. Nature has no time to waste!

I know that I have little time to waste if I want to "catch" flowers in bloom. In the spring I found last years leaves of a plant I had not noticed out there before. The Shinleaf. I have seen it's cousins the Pyrola, deep in the bogs, but the Shinleaf is a woodland plant. I have been looking in the area where I saw them, hoping to catch them in bloom. When I was in that area on Sunday, I didn't have much time as there was an impending cloud of doom approaching. Trying to find the basal leaves, and looking for a single stem, 6-8 inches tall turned out to be an impossible task that day. The other plants in the area have turned into a waist deep thicket of heavy foliage, foot snagging vines, and mosquitos.

With thunder rumbling and a several minute hike to the van, I had to give up for the moment. It is a good thing they might bloom from the end of June through August. I still have time to look. So here is to summer days, light breezes, and flowers that are waiting for me to discover them! Get out there and discover some of your own!