Where The Wild Things Are- In Search of the Shinleaf

Today I walked to search for the elusive Shinleaf. I found it several days ago, unexpectedly in another part of the village land. Since the weather was perfect, and life gave me time to go, I was off! First I needed to walk through the prairie, enjoying the Coneflowers and Purple Prairie Clover in bloom. My wet feet didn't matter as I pushed through the long grasses.

Reaching the edge of the woodlands, I heard a strange chuckling sound. I have know idea what it was, I didn't see anything on the walk that could have made it. Just one of those mysteries that may never be solved. I climbed the fence, and ducked my way into the hazelnuts. Tick trefoil cover the forest floor, by their stickers are not quite formed, so I just pushed them aside.

I searched the valley from end to end, with no sign of the Shinleaf. My walk was filled with many other things though. Northern Pearly-eye Butterflies were flitting around me, along with many tiny moths, unidentifiable. Tiny mushrooms sprouted on moss covered logs. Jack in the pulpit, Blue Cohosh and Solomons seal are full of berries.

The hazel nut bushes are loaded with green fruits, a squirrel dream come true.

Back in the prairie, on the way home from my unsuccessful, yet fulfilling walk, there was Bergemont, and purple Coneflowers, Bees were buzzing and monarchs soaring over the blooming milkweed. Widow Skimmer and Halloween pennant dragonflies were performing their impossible flights over the rising bluestem grasses. It was one of those incredible summer mornings that we long for in the depths of winter. I refuse to think about summer winding down and will grasp every chance I get to go outside and enjoy nature.