Volunteer Coworker


A Volunteer Coworker is an individual who commits to one year of service, with an option to extend their time in the community.

Job Description:

Every year CVM welcomes individuals and their families from around the globe to share in our life together. These volunteers join us for one year, supporting adults with a range of abilities and contributing to the social and cultural life of our community.  Opportunities for growth and development are regularly offered, whether that be continuing experience through hands on training, or through attendance of workshops and conferences locally and around the country. Often volunteers find that they would like to extend their stay another year or more, some choose to take on the responsibility of leading workplaces or become long-term service providers as well.

The experience and service that volunteers provide bring a fresh perspective to our community that is integrated into our daily lives. Some people come to us for a refreshing new take on life after university, many are seeking a new direction in their lives, and still others are searching for something more permanent. Regardless of their motivations, volunteers come bringing gifts of knowledge and experience that serve the community, and leave with even more to share with the world around them.



  • 18 years of age or older required

  • High School Diploma or equivalent required

  • Ability to perform well in environment that requires compassion, helpfulness, patience, and resourcefulness

  • Must be able to pass a background and sex offender check

  • Direct care experience preferred

  • Ability to lift 30 lbs required

  • Good communication skills preferred

  • Valid Driver’s License preferred

  • Passion for engaging with people who have developmental disabilities



  • Sharing in daily meal preparation

  • Medication assistance

  • Occasional grocery shopping

  • Engaging with crews of 2-5 people who have developmental disabilities

  • Balancing financial records (if applicable)

  • Regular Star Services training (provided)

  • Interfacing with medical personnel on behalf of an individual (if applicable)

  • Progress tracking (if applicable)


Please email a copy of your resume to camphill.mn@hotmail.com or fill out the form below if you are interested in applying or learning more.

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