Workplaces At Camphill Village 

Everyone in the village contributes to the sustaining of the community according to their ability, maintaining a balance between personal interest and community need. The workplaces change with the garden season twice per year and each person in the village is part of the schedule setting process. We aim to have meaningful engagement for each person while also giving them opportunities to learn new skills and passions, whether it be cooking, weaving, woodworking, or farming. 

Monday through Friday the daily schedule is broken into two 2.5 hour shifts; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This schedule is on a weekly rotation. A typical day would look as follows:

7:30 am-9 am: Breakfast and getting ready for work

9 am-11:30 am: Morning Workplace

12 pm-2 pm: Lunch and Rest

2 pm-4:30 pm: Afternoon Workplace

6 pm: Dinner and open time for the rest of the evening

In these workplaces, Coworkers are alongside small crews of people who have a range of abilities and challenges, to produce goods that sustain life for everyone at CVM. Some products are sold to the wider community, however, most of the goods are consumed within. As new coworkers come with new energy and skills, new workplaces are created in the schedule. Such workplaces have included candle making, music and movement, and ceramics. 

All skills are appreciated and useful. What interests would you like to bring to the table?


Music Group jammin together!

Music Group jammin together!