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Central Region Food Access Network

Join us Tuesday, October 16th, 9am-12pm at Camphill Village MN! Gather with food access friends of the field, tour the Camphill Village Campus and Farm, and hear from some local food experts. Reignite the energy of the Network by inviting a new contact in your own network who should be at the table.

Speakers for the day include:

Tyler Carlson, Early Boots Farm:
Named after the stage of grass growth when the seedhead is enclosed within the sheath of the flag leaf, "early boot" is when the grass has the highest level of protein and the prime time to graze. Early Boots Farm is located near Sauk Centre on 200 acres of fields, forest and wetlands. By cultivating perennials as forage and forest, they work to produce excellent grassfed beef, improve soil health and water quality, and provide healthy habitat for diverse flora and fauna.

Colin King, Maple Hill Garden:
A five generation farm, nestled up against the west side of the village of Clotho, in the Long Prairie river valley. Maple Hill Garden practices rotational livestock grazing, with cover crops and compost on their fruit and vegetable field. 

Stephen Briggs, The Biodynamic Farm at Camphill Village MN:
Located in the glacial moraine of central MN, the goal of the farm is to provide meaningful work for the people of Camphill. They strive to be self-sufficient within the farm organism and help the community to further itself in this endeavor. The farm produces beef, dairy, eggs, broilers, turkeys, pigs, small grains, and grass.

Serdar Mamedov

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