Camphill Village MN Capital Renovation Plan

Increase and Diversity of Living Options

The first priority this year is building a two-bedroom apartment. Our village continues to require both diversity and increased living options. Turning an attached garage into a two-bedroom apartment has already been done twice in the village with great success.

As the older generation retires, our elders require additional supports. One of the safest options is for elders is to live attached to one of our larger houses. These apartments give options for our disabled individuals as well as our caregivers who are extended supports to the Village houses.

These apartments are perfect for our disabled residents who can handle this level of independence and/or staff who are new, retired or coming for an internship.  They allow people to stay connected to the activities of the village and house while honoring their roles and their life’s transitions.

It’s important that we continue to create cost effective, accessible housing for all these diverse needs.


Convert Aurora garage to Apartment               $60,000



House and Building Renovations

This year we have two projects in exterior and interior renovations as well as upgrading necessary equipment and furniture. Our St. Martin's Hall roof is now 18 years old and needs to be replaced before the maintenance of the roof and the center itself increases in cost. The 20 year old carpeting in the office is due for an upgrade and we are also adding air-conditioning to this vital work area.

Upgrades in furniture are also needed throughout the Village.

Finally, additional exercise equipment will help ensure the Village's fitness during the long winter months.


St. Martin's Roof                           $12,000

Office upgrade                               $8,000

Upgraded Furniture                       $4,050

Exercise equipment                        $1,700

TOTAL                                         $25,750


GRAND TOTAL                           $85,750