Camphill Village MN Capital Renovation Plan

Farm and Garden Initiatives

The food storage in the village needs to be more sustainable and centralized so we experience reduced food loss. Presently there is less than ideal storage in various locations throughout the village. The first stage in 2019/20 will be completing the cement floor in the central food storage space and building a dividing wall that separates our animal’s shelter from the central food storage area.

  • Floor and Wall $10,000

The herb shop renovation will take our general craft building and make part of it a year-round herb shop, increasing diversity of work initiatives throughout the year and increasing production.

  • Herb Shop Renovation $17,950  

A chisel plow and cultivator are needing updating for the farm and garden. New plastic is needed for our high tunnel green house.                                               

  • Chisel Plow $2,500

  • Cultivator $9,000     

  • High Tunnel Greenhouse $2,000     

Total $13,500

Village Maintenance 

This year’s maintenance includes refilling the remaining part of our gravel road, replacing a chimney, painting a building, window replacements at 3 different buildings, and a new floor.    

  • Refilling Road $5,800

  • Replacing Chimney $1,500

  • Painting Building $2,500

  • Window Replacements $10,000

  • New Flooring $2,500

Total $22,300


We continue to create small affordable housing structures to support the variety of needs brought on by retirement, increasing health supports, and other emerging needs. These small structures are not only cost effective but necessary to support   the diversity of housing that is required. 

This year’s structure will be a small standalone home estimated at $55,000. We will either replace part of a rustic cabin if possible and add hot water and heat or create a home on a different part of the property.  By June we will have enough information to make a decision on the location. 

Total $55,000

Grand total $118,750