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The Biodynamic Farm at Camphill Village Minnesota is located in the glacial moraine of central Minnesota. Approximately 125 acres is managed under a grass based, cultivated 4-6 year rotation, 70 acres is in permanent pasture and 10 acres in restored native tall-grass prairie. The goal of the farm is to provide meaningful work for the people of Camphill in producing nutrient dense Biodynamic food for our community and for sale to the public while increasing the health and vitality of our land base and those who consume the food. We strive to be self-sufficient within the farm organism and help the community to further itself in this endeavor. The farm produces beef, dairy, eggs, broilers, turkeys, pigs, small grains, and grass. Visitors are always welcome!

Cattle Husbandry


The beeves are born on the farm and spend their entire lives here. No grain at any point during the life of the animal, no GMOs, no hormones, no vaccines, no insecticides. They receive free choice hay at all times during the winter months and pasture during the growing season. Our beef is rotationally grazed on the farm during the months when the grass grows here. Usually April / May - November - / December. Cattle are moved at least once per day to a new paddock of fresh grass. The beeves are also given a free choice Redmond's salt with trace minerals and kelp. In the winter they receive an additional organic vitamin mineral. They are sheltered inside during the winter months in a deep-bedded pack with outdoor access.



Pig Husbandry


We have 4 sows and one boar on the farm. The sows farrow twice a year, once in spring and once in fall. The 4 sows can have upwards of 60 piglets per year. During the summer months the feeder pigs are allowed to graze and dig up the pastures. The pigs renovate our pastures, rotating through, fertilizing and plowing as they go. We then replant the pastures which grow back very well because of the added fertility from the pigs. We then keep the pigs off for 3-4 years and graze the pastures with the cows. The big pigs, the sows and boar use their big shovels to turn our compost in our deep bedded pack barn where the cows spend the winter. This greatly improve the quality of our compost which we use to fertilize our grain crops that we then harvest to feed the pigs. We custom mix the feed on the farm. They get scraps from our 3 acre vegetable garden, our seven houses and waste milk from our dairy and whey from our cheesery. We aim to produce all our own feed on the farm but right now we fall short of that. When we do buy feed it is NON-GMO, is not sprayed, and the rations are free of soy. We use flax and fields peas as the protein source for our rations.

 For more info about Biodynamics please visit https://www.biodynamics.com/biodynamics.html

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Artwork by Michael Hoet. CVM farm and wild life illustrated. Created with India ink, sepia and watercolor pencil.

Artwork by Michael Hoet. CVM farm and wild life illustrated. Created with India ink, sepia and watercolor pencil.