Head Weaver

The head weaver is responsible for running the weavery, which involves managing multiple crews a week of 3 to 4 weavers with a range of abilities and assisting them with prep work and maintaining standards of quality in the goods produced. The role is mainly background work, ensuring that our weavers are well supported and prepared for their work on the looms. The weavery currently holds 8 full-sized floor looms. While we primarily produce rag rugs using a variety of recycled material, new project ideas are welcome. Goods are mostly sold at CVMs Fall Festival Open House, but we would like to begin exploring opportunities to sell at craft fairs around the area throughout the year. Winter is currently dedicated to holding work crews to weave, whereas summer is reserved for the head weaver and supporting coworkers as time for finishing work on the woven items and to prepare for the next season. The weavery is one of many work areas in the community which include homemaking, food processing, gardening, forestry, farming, and art.

To manage the weavery along side a crew including 3 to 4 persons with developmental disabilities.

  • Openness to organizing opportunities and trips to sell woven goods.
  • Willingness to occasionally train new coworkers or persons with different abilities who may or may not have prior experience weaving.
  • Complete state mandated and Camphill specific training.
  • Openness to life-sharing.


  • Experience with floor looms, including warping and rug weaving. (minimum 1 year preferred)
  • Experience with sewing, machine and hand, highly recommended.
  • Experience working with people with developmental disabilities. (minimum 1 year preferred)

Please email a copy of your resume to camphill.mn@hotmail.com and fill out the inquiry form below if you are interested in this position.

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