Garden Manager

Job Description:

The garden manager is responsible for the production of vegetables for the community and outside markets whilst managing a team of coworkers to create a therapeutic work environment for their peers with developmental disabilities. It is the responsibility of the garden manager to work with the community to determine the size of production. This is based on a balance between the skills of the garden manager, the needs of the community and the other financial, human and land resources that are currently available. The garden is one of many work areas in the community which include homemaking, food processing, crafts, forestry, farming, and art. During the growing season the garden is a core workplace in our community. The garden manager and food processors must work closely together as a team.


Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Manage 2 acres of organically grown vegetables

  • Work alongside a crew of 8 including persons with a range of abilities

  • Develop a garden plan with the community based on needs and resources

  • Complete state mandated and Camphill specific training

  • Work 5-6 days per week for varied hours

  • Openness to learning about, creating, and spraying Biodynamic Preparations

  • Openness to “life-sharing”


Qualifications and Skills:

  • Organic and / or Biodynamic vegetable production experience ( minimum of 1 year experience preferred)

  • Experience working with people with developmental disabilities (minimum 1 year experience preferred)

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to lift 50+ lbs

  • Ability to set goals and make an assessment of successes and how to better achieve goals in the next growing season

  • Volunteer coordination experience preferred

  • Experience with tractor and equipment operation and maintenance preferred

  • Ability and willingness to work outdoors for long periods of time


Learning Opportunities

The biodynamic approach to agriculture, also coming out of Anthroposophy, provides the core tenets of our farming philosophy. In addition to biodynamic principles and practices, land workers will also learn holistic management and permaculture approaches to agriculture and land stewardship. The Gardener will also have the opportunity to collaborate and work with other local farms, including our Amish neighbors. Time is also provided to be away for training and conferences.



Housing: Provided by the community. Daily farm fresh meals also provided.

Base Pay - $200 / month stipend

Benefits: Health insurance, room and board, vehicle access, and three weeks paid vacation per year

There is a needs-based fiscal conversation upon acceptance to make sure financial dependencies are being met.


Please email a copy of your resume to and fill out the inquiry form below if you are interested in this position.

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