Coworker Position

Job Description:

Every year CVM welcomes individuals and their families from around the globe to share in our life together. These volunteers join us for one year, working to support adults with a range of abilities, and to contribute to the social and cultural life of our community. While here at CVM opportunities for growth and development are regularly offered, whether that be continuing experience through hands on training, or through attendance of workshops and conferences. Often Coworkers find that they would like to extend their stay another year or more, some choose to take on workshops or become long-term service providers as well.

The services that Coworkers provide bring a fresh perspective to our community, and imparts dynamism into our daily lives. Some people come to us for a refreshing new take on life after university, many are seeking a new direction in their lives, and still others are searching for something more permanent. Regardless of their motivations, Coworkers come bringing gifts of knowledge and experience that serve the community, and leave with even more to share with the world around them.

A Coworker is an individual who commits to one year of service, with an option to extend his/her time in the community.

As a Coworker, one is expected to be capable of being in a supervisory role if/when requested by their householder/workshop leader. Short-term Coworkers are central pillars for our longer term Coworkers. Most one year service providers work one half of a day in a household, and the other half of a day in one of our workshops
* including the garden, the farm, the estate crew, the bakery, weavery, one of our artistic endeavours, or the woodshop. One may participate in planning festival celebrations and cultural offerings.

We do not receive wage based compensation for time served in the typical sense. Rather we work out of a three-folding of finance, where in each individual gives according to their abilities and receives according to their needs. Student loan debt deferment and coverage cost options are addressed on a person-to-person basis. The village provides a budget for each household. This money is used to buy foods we don't grow, items for the home, toiletries, and other items for daily living. 

Our Household life is different from a group home in many ways. We value one another as unique individuals that contribute according to our abilities and receive according to our needs. At Camphill Communities a person with developmental disability is valued as whole in spirit and in body.  We have most common meals together. Breakfast is eaten around the table and provides a nutritious start to the day.  We then are off to our workplaces.  Some may work on the farm, estate crew, or bring persons to doctors appointments. Others may be involved in the preparation of a home cooked meal with a small group of persons with a range of abilities, that will be served to 8-12 people around noon. We then clean up after our meals and have an hour of quiet before returning to work. Some may be baking cookies in our bakery, others may go to the weavery to work on a rug project, and still others may be cleaning one of our community buildings or their own homes with small crews of helping hands. Supper is served again in our respective households, or one may be invited to join another house community. The day is rounded out by occasionally having a special event such as a play to attend or take part in, other evenings may have a scheduled meeting**, or personal time. We each have one day a week to pursue our own interests and weekend responsibilities are largely created by each house community.


  • 18 years of age or older required
  • High School Diploma or equivalent required
  • Ability to perform well in environment that requires compassion, helpfulness, patience, and resourcefulness
  • Willingness to learn required
  • Direct care experience preferred
  • Ability to lift 30 lbs required
  • Good communication skills preferred
  • Adequate culinary skills preferred
  • Basic accounting skills preferred
  • Interest in Social Work preferred
  • Valid Driver’s License preferred
  • Passion for working with the developmentally disabled preferred
  • 21 years of age or older preferred
  • CPR certification required (training provided)
  • Star Services training required (training provided)

Responsibilities include/not limited to:

  • Sharing in daily meal preparation
  • Medication assistance
  • Occasional grocery/sundry shopping
  • Intermittent sole house awareness
  • Cooking with a crew of 2-3 people with developmental disablities
  • Balancing financial records (if applicable)
  • Regular service training (provided)
  • Remaining patient and understanding
  • Interfacing with medical personnel on behalf of an individual (if applicable)
  • Progress tracking (if applicable)

*Work spaces are reviewed late March-mid April during our “work change” meetings. In the “work change” meetings we co-create our seasonal work schedule. These meetings offer a place to express where one would like to work, and a place to observe where help is needed. We encourage all of our coworkers to share their personal needs and desires for their work life, concurrently assisting to meet the needs of the community. We recognize the individuality inherent in each human being and that with individuality comes difference of need and ability. We strive to work in collaboration with one another to reach the best possible outcome for individual members of our community as well as the community as a whole.

**Participation in meeting life is on an interest only basis. With the exception of our work change meetings, no meeting life is required of you. However we encourage all voices to be present at as many meetings as possible so that we may hear from one another more fully.

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