Coworkers do not receive wage-based compensation for time served, in the conventional sense. Everyone who lives and works at CVM is based on a three-fold principle, where each individual gives according to their abilities and receives according to their needs.

The costs of housing, food, internet, household items, and vehicles (gas and insurance) are covered by CVM. Student loan debt deferment and coverage options are offered on a person-to-person basis. Medical plans are offered and one can receive assistance with paying medical bills. The needs of each person are discussed and addressed in the initial conversations during the application process.

Housing – Provided in one of our homes

Meals – Organically grown, farm fresh meals made from scratch every day

Starting monthly stipend is negotiated during application process. 

All Coworkers have one full week day off each week and have three weeks of paid vacation.

After three years in the village, coworkers start receiving money to put towards retirement. If they chose to leave after that time, they will also receive money for their next steps in their journey. 

We understand this is not a common model- so ask us questions! 

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