Camphill Village MN Capital Renovation Plan

Farm and Garden

Much of this year’s capital needs are ensuring farm and garden maintenance. As an example, our eco weeder will allow the garden initiative to stay ahead of demand without placing harsh physical demands on our aging population.
  • Fencing Renovation for whole farm $30,000
  • Eco Weeder $5,000
  • Green House Plastic $5,000
    TOTAL $40,000

Roads and Walkways

Our second priority this year is ensuring support and accessibility of our roads and walkways. The addition of two more handicapped accessible ramps, one at the Brome House and one at the Farm House, will ensure accessibility for all.
  • Outside Handicapped Ramps $9,000
  • Gravel for Marlspring Road (between the two adjoining farms) $10,000
  • Finish paving roads in unpaved areas near houses and paths (second priority 2017) $30,000
  • Salt Dog Sand / Salt Spreader (ensuring safety in winter) $1,200
    TOTAL $50,200

Other Updates:

  • Car Replacement $18,000
  • New Metal Siding for Conifer House $7,700
    TOTAL $25,700

Total of 2016/2017 Projects $115,200