Camphill Village MN Capital Renovation Plan

Development of Work initiatives

Two of this year’s capital work initiatives include ensuring year round protection for our chickens and ducks as well as a renovation of our farm shed to a heated year round workshop space. The one initiative will allow for an increase in work initiatives during all times of year and the other will increase the diversity and sustainability of farm programs and income.  


Renovation of farm shed                             $19,200

Farm building for chickens and ducks      $23,000

TOTAL                                                          $42,200


Roads and Walkways

Our second priority this year is ensuring support and accessibility of our roads and walkways. The addition of two more handicapped accessible ramps and an update of gravel on Marlspring road was completed in 2016. Now we must finish paving certain key roads and pathways to make the village accessible to our elders and for our physically disabled friends both visiting and living in the village.   An updated Riding mower will ensure regular upkeep of our accessible ground paths for everyone walking from one side of the village to the other.

Finish paving roads in unpaved areas near houses and paths   $30,000

Riding lawn mower                                                                       $1,700

TOTAL                                                                                           $31,700


Livability/ Safety and Durability of Homes

Most of our interior renovations this year focus on updates to furniture that are 10 to 30 years old and ready for replacement. In most cases this is for safety and durability concerns. There is also some needed additions of furniture as we increase housing options. The screened in porch makes an 82 Year old farmhouse a much more livable retirement home for our village.


Furniture Replacement for Houses                    $9,900

Screened in porch at Marlspring house             $9,000

TOTAL                                                                  $18,900



Increase and Diversity of Living Options

Our village continues to require both diversity and increase in living options. Our elders require more diversity of supportive living. The younger generation also needs diverse housing options to fit the variety of roles brought on by required changes in licensing. It’s important that we continue to create cost effective accessible housing to support all the diverse needs of the village.

Turning a garage of a house into a two bedroom apartment has already been done twice in the village with great success. These apartments give options for our disabled individuals as well as our caregivers who are extended supports to the Village houses. It allows for our disabled residents who can handle this level of independence to have this option as well as staff who are new, retired, or coming for an internship to still stay connected to the activities of the village and house, The garage renovation will be part of phase 2(2017/2018).

The Yurt is a unique rustic cabin that will add an affordable housing option to the village. Individuals staying for short time frames as well as others needing more independent living can stay at the Yurt as an independent dwelling.  


Yurt                            $14,000

TOTAL                      $14,000


Total Phase I             $107,200



Phase II    2018/2019 Beginning Projects

Convert Aurora garage to apartment    $60,000


Grand Total       $167,200